3.43 Carat Natural vivid puplish pink Diamond sets record at $7.5 Million Dollars!

A 3.43 carats "Bubble Gum Pink" Natural diamond described as a "fancy, vivid purplish pink diamond ring" was purchased by an anonymous collector for over $7.5 million at Christie's of Asia in May this year.

The amazing rarity and value of natural fancy colored Diamonds

Millions of years in the making, these crystal gifts from deep in the earth have been created against all odds. It has been estimated that it takes from one Billion to three Billion years for a natural Diamond to form in the earth!

Time to upgrade your Diamond ?

Just recently, new options have opened up for Colored Diamonds. The laboratories are creating beautiful, lower-priced alternatives to traditionally high priced Natural colored diamonds. Now available are laboratory grown fancy colored diamonds with the same intense colors. A few Diamonds "Treaters" are enhancing natural Diamonds to take on intense colors that mimic the best works of mother nature.

Can I afford a pink Diamond ?

There are many choices for Pink Diamonds that can accommodate almost any budget. The least expensive will be either a man made pink Diamond or a Color enhanced natural Diamond. An untreated natural pink Diamond will be your most expensive option.

Is this Diamond really rare ?

Truly the biggest and best example of a Natural Fancy Intense Pink Diamond. Auction bidders put a final  value of a record $50 Million Dollars!

The Pink Star

This amazing Natural Pink Diamond weighs 59.6 Carats. It was sold by Sotheby's in auction for $71.2 Million Dollars ! However, the original auction bidder backed out after the sale and Sothebys took ownership of the Diamond.

Photos courtesy of Sothebys.

10.64 Carat Flawless Fancy vivid Pink auctioned October 7

This 10.64 Carat, Internally Flawless, fancy-vivid Pink sold October 7th at Sotheby's Magnificent Jewel and Jadeite Auction for $19.76 Million US

Photos courtesy of Sothebys.

Photo courtesy of Sothebys

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This picture displays the amazing range of colors in untreated natural Diamonds. Photo is taken from the cover of "Forever Brilliant , The Aurora collection of natural colored Diamonds." by Alan Bronstein and Stephen C. Hofer.



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